90 Minute Phone Call Resource Pack – Secondary

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One of the aspects of inspection leaders dread is the 90-minute phone call the day before inspection. It is vital that you are well planned and prepared for the conversation, because it is pivotal to the direction and outcome of the whole inspection.

This resource provides you with all the questions you will face during the call, along with comprehensive model answers. It also includes ideas for evidence which can be used to back up your statements, and an evidence builder to gather it all in one place for your school.

In addition, you will receive a 90-minute phone call planner which can be used as a regular SLT agenda item to ensure you are well prepared in advance of the inspection.

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Contents of the 90 Minute Call Inspection Toolkit – Secondary

  1. 90 min call preparation – outline and information
  2. List of information and documentation required by Ofsted prior to inspection
  3. 90 min questions and comprehensive model answers
  4. Blank question and answer template
  5. Inspection arrangements – logistics of the inspection
  6. Inspection arrangements – record template of for key information to distribute to all relevant staff
  7. Covid questions (if required)

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