Design Technology Deep Dive Inspection Toolkit – Secondary

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The Design Technology deep dive resource pack has been written to ensure Design Technology subject leaders have everything they need to succeed and excel during a deep dive, including all of the questions they may be asked along with comprehensive detailed answers.

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Each section has comprehensive instructions about how to use and complete the resources, along with blank templates and completed examples to get you started.

 Contents: Design Technology Deep Dive Toolkit

  1. Subject Policy– up to date for current curriculum and learning research in secondary Design Technology.
  2. Subject Effectiveness Report to Governors– a simple but comprehensive report for Design Technology subject leaders to complete for reporting to governors, or accountability purposes.
  3. Monitoring Templates– work sampling, planning monitoring, pupil voice and lesson observation templates containing key concepts subject leaders should be monitoring in Design Technology.
  4. Subject Leader Impact Audit– a very simple audit of your impact as a Design Technology subject leader in terms of improving the quality of teaching and learning and your effectiveness as subject leader.
  5. Portfolio Annotation Sheet– best practice is to collate a portfolio of work showing the progression of learning across the school, against the end points on your Design Technology curriculum map.
  6. Subject Leader Job Description/Roles and Responsibilities– job description outlining roles and responsibilities of a Design Technology subject leader.
  7. Deep Dive Questions and Answers– one of the best bits!  Very comprehensive answers to all the questions the Design Technology subject leader is likely to encounter during a deep dive.
  8. Questions Observing lesson With Inspector– all the questions you might be asked when accompanying an inspector on a Design Technology lesson observation.
  9. Questions to Teachers– all the questions inspectors ask teachers when deep diving Design Technology.
  10. Questions for Children– possible questions children will be asked when deep diving a Design Technology.
  11. Breadth Audit– an easy to complete audit of breadth in the Design Technology.
  12. Subject Vision– an easy to complete template to put together an ambitious vision for Design Technology.
  13. Content knowledge, Pedagogical Knowledge and Content Pedagogical Knowledge– written in simple language and can be distributed to all teaching staff, to enable everybody to understand the content and content pedagogical knowledge specific to Design Technology.
  14. CPD Record and Impact– a record sheet for all informal and formal CPD undertaken and the impact it has on teaching and learning in Design Technology.
  15. Subject Action Planning – a template for high impact and effective subject action planning along with an example completed action plan for Design Technology.
  16. Design Technology Subject Assessment – a simple template to show progress, standards and attainment in Design Technology.

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