Doing More with Less Money

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I have never known a time in education where school budgets have been so stretched.  Schools that for decades have had relatively comfortable budgets are now facing the awful reality of cutting staffing levels and resources. Asking teachers to ‘not buy supplies’ or ‘cut back on emails’ will just not be enough. Those type of changes are also time consuming, hard to manage and often inefficient with very little savings being made and more importantly they can have negative impact on staff morale and standards in your school.

You do not need tips or tricks to address budgets crisis, you need more innovative and impactful changes to really see a difference.

There is no magic money tree, but there are many changes you can make that have a huge impact with little-to-no expense, you just have to think creatively to maximise your budget.

This training will provide you with practical strategies for long term and sustainable changes you can make which will make a positive impact to your school with little or no cost involved.

The training sessions will include:

Session 1 – Making Savings in Your school

Session 2 – How to Maximise Revenue and Income Streams

Session 3 – Deploying Human and Physical Resources Effectively

Session 4 – Investing in What is Important

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9:00am – 1:00pm