How to Achieve Outstanding Mathematical Teaching and Development in EYFS – Live Training

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Mathematics plays a key role in a child’s development, and it is vital that children in the EYFS receive the highest quality teaching and provision. Mathematics enables young children who are naturally curious to notice differences in quantity and the shape of objects. This course will look at how to encourage children to use and develop early mathematical concepts when they play.

Mathematical understanding helps children make sense of the world around them, interpret situations, and solve problems in everyday life. Developing a good understanding of maths when they are young is essential to future educational success. This course will provide you with the very best practice in EYFS Mathematics teaching, curriculum and environment.

If children have a good early mathematical understanding, they are more likely to do better later in school. It is also connected to their educational progress, and life outcomes so it is vital that every member of EYFS staff can support learning in Mathematics.

The course will cover the following in detail and provide you with inspirational, practical and quick to implement teaching strategies and ideas:


  • How to effectively teach the association between number and quantity
  • Promoting fluency with numbers and sequences
  • Teaching Problem Solving Skills for Maths
  • Teaching and Modelling how to make comparisons and connections
  • Facilitating Mathematical Language

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9:00am – 1:00pm