Reading and Phonics Deep Dive Toolkit

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The reading and phonics deep dive resource pack has been written to ensure subject leaders have everything they need to succeed and excel during a deep dive in reading and phonics, including all of the questions they may be asked with comprehensive answers.

Each section and task has comprehensive instructions about how to complete. The resource packs can be used in twilight sessions or non-contact time, for subject leaders to get Ofsted ready.

Contents: Reading and Phonics Deep Dive Toolkit

  • Deep Dive Questions and Answers – very detailed and comprehensive answers to all of the questions the subject leader is likely to encounter during the reading deep dive.
  • Learning Walk Planner – usually the reading deep dive starts with an inspector accompanying the subject leader on a learning walk. This planner will help you highlight what you are going to say to make a good impression as you walk around.
  • Phonics Trackers – a range of templates to help you rigorously track progress in phonics and swiftly identify children who are struggling.
  •  Phonics Training Presentation and Knowledge Bank  – it is vital every member of staff is well trained, pronounces phonemes correctly and understands all of the technical knowledge. This section contains a PowerPoint presentation to use with staff and a knowledge bank.
  • Book Lists – book lists with suggested texts from EYFS to Yr 6 covering all genre
  • Reading Interest Inventory – this is a fun activity to undertake with children who are not engaging with reading to try and discover what books they would like to read.
  • EYFS to Yr6 Progressive Reading Steps – the expected steps and end points children are expected to make and reach in every year group. This is a great tool to help teachers with their planning and assessment because it very clearly outlines the progression children need to work through to read fluently.
  • Mapping Reading – this section contains templates which will enable you to create an inventory for texts in class areas and a map for which books are being read aloud in each class.
  • Self Assessment Grid – a very simple assessment grids enables you to quickly identify your strengths and weaknesses to demonstrate your strength as subject leader.
  • Teachers Knowledge Base – a range of documents explaining the meaning of terminology including metacognition strategies, literal and evaluative comprehension and many more.
  • Inspection Questions for Teachers – prepare your teachers well by working through the questions they are likely to be asked.
  • Inspection Questions for Children – prepare your children  well by working through the questions they are likely to be asked.
  • Joint Observations – questions subject leaders will be asked if accompanying an inspector on a lesson observation.
  • Breadth Audit – an easy to complete audit of breadth in the reading
  • Subject Vision –  an easy to complete template to put together an ambitious vision for reading.
  • CPD Record and Impact – a record sheet for all informal and formal CPD undertaken and the impact it has had on learning.


Customer Feedback – Simply superb!

I accessed your reading and phonics toolkit after your training in London. I could not believe how much is included in the toolkit; it is so comprehensive and easy to use. I spent a term working through each section and task. Ofsted graced our doors early in January, and everything you said would happen, became reality. 

The deep dive was incredibly thorough but your toolkit meant that I was prepared for every element of the deep dive including; reading for pleasure; the reading environment; assessment; supporting struggling readers;  everything they asked was all in your toolkit. I took the questions and answers with me to every meeting and they were bang on the money. I would thoroughly recommend every English leader to have one of these toolkits; it is the best thing we bought and you won’t regret it; it was without a doubt the reason for my success.

English Lead – Kent

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