Supporting Autism in Mainstream Setting – Live Feed

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How to Successfully Support ASD Pupils in Mainstream Settings


This training will provide a comprehensive overview of current research and understanding around autism. The course will empower delegates to provide even better support for pupils with this specific need as well as providing a broader insight into how this support can benefit all pupils.

Mainstream schools are having to support, often multiple children with ASD, in mainstream settings/classrooms. This can cause significant pressure and stress for SENCOs, teachers, and support staff alike.

This course will look at how best to support pupils, teachers and support staff to provide the highest standard of teaching, learning, care and nurture for ASD pupils in mainstream settings.

This course will cover the following:

  • Supporting you in finding ways to increase inclusive practice for ASD pupils in mainstream classrooms.
  • Developing consistency in the way ASD pupils are supported across your school.
  • Creating a calm, nurturing and positive culture for ASD pupils across your setting.
  • Skilling up teachers and support staff to meet the needs of ASD pupils more effectively in class.
  • Improving confidence of all staff to meet the needs of ASD pupils.
  • Discover many practical strategies and ideas to support ASD pupils to excel within mainstream settings.
  • How to successfully support ASD pupils whilst continuing to meet the needs of all pupils.
  • How positive support for ASD pupils can benefit every pupil in your school.

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9:00am – 1:00pm