How to Lead Teaching and Learning to Outstanding – Venue

9:00AM Arrival for 9:30AM Start – 3:30PM Finish (Approximately)
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9:00AM Arrival, for 9:30AM Start – 3:30PM Finish (Approximately)

The current Ofsted framework will make a judgement about the quality of education a school provides. An important element of this judgement is how effectively you implement the curriculum you have designed for your children. The quality of teaching and learning remains the single most important factor in a schools effectiveness.

This training course includes all aspects of the teaching and learning process including basic pedagogy, subject specific pedagogy and how to lead teaching and learning to outstanding cionsistetly across your school.  Outstanding implementation should fundamentally lead to outstanding standards, attainment, progress and achievement for every child in every subject area across your school.

This training will help you to:

  • Find out how to achieve outstanding teaching and learning in every class and subject area
  • Learn how to lead pedagogy and subject specific pedagogy to consistently outstanding across your school
  • Ensure every teacher has good knowledge of the primary subjects
  • Support teachers to present subject matter clearly and promote discussion
  • Enable all teachers to check learning systematically
  • Develop strategies to help learners remember in the long term and integrate new knowledge into larger concepts
  • Enable teachers to use assessment well and to evidence impact
  • Create environments that allow the learners to focus on learning
  • Plan to dramatically improve teaching, progress and results by working through four simple steps in every classroom.
  • Develop Ofsted outstanding practices for self-evaluation and CPD
  • Learn where to devote your resources to have the greatest impact on learning and standards
  • Provide truly great teaching for every child in your school which can be sustained and maintained over time
  • Be Ofsted ready and prepared by providing a comprehensive section on getting your teaching and learning ready for inspection

Delegates will receive the following resources:

  • Electronic copy of training slides to use in school
  • Outstanding examples of subject knowledge audit
  • Inspection questions and possible answers
  • 200+ practical resources to make implementation outstanding

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